Supporting America’s warfighters and Allied Nations

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Patriot Firepower, LLC (PFLLC) is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that provides armaments, munitions and support services to Allied Governments, approved defense organizations and federal prime contractors, . Our company is committed to leveraging joint ventures with our partner manufacturers and provide sustained value for our buyers. We believe that great partnerships come from mutual trust and respect. We offer to our clients a highly respected, service-oriented business built on strong client relationships, tailoring its services to meet our customers’ needs.

Core Competencies

Artillery Ammunition 155, 152, 122mm (122mm GRAD)

Cyber Defense

Aerospace Parts Production

New Defense Technologies

Mortar Bombs 120, 82, 60, 40mm

Drone Production

Armored Combat Vehicles

Non-Standard Equipment


It is our aim to become the key small business supplier of supplemental munitions for allies and friendly nations. We believe that reliability is a necessity, especially when lives are on the line, and that’s why we are dedicated to providing high-quality munitions. We offer an extensive catalog of quality Non-Standard munitions designed for any mission.

At PFLLC, we

  • Treat our buyers as partners
  • Leverage joint ventures with large manufactures 
  • Provide our buying partners with non–standard munitions 
  • Capacity to augment and supply large prime contractors and federal agencies with high volume of our products with short notice


    We are committed to becoming a leader in the weapons industry by outfitting our Nation’s military, Allied nations, defense organizations with supplemental munitions types that are normally offered to U.S. firms on a limited basis and innovative products that exceed the expectations of our customers.


    Be the world’s premier leader in weapon systems and ammunition by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and serving our community and our nation.

    “Supporting the mission of Americas Warfighters and Allied Nations”

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    Brian Gomez

    President & CEO
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